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How to tell your family that your girlfriend is pregnant


Fatherhood is often a thrilling prospect for young men, but for many men, it can be daunting and fill them with unease. If you're in this situation, your mind is probably racing with a million different things. One of the things you're likely considering is how to break the news of the pregnancy to your family. At Ashe Pregnancy Care Center, we understand that talking about this issue can be overwhelming and uncomfortable. To help you have the most success, we've outlined some tips below on how to initiate the conversation and guide it in a positive direction.

Preparing for the conversation:

  1. Consider potential reactions: Even though it is not up to you to perfectly predict how each person will react, it's important that you consider who may be most impacted by the news and be ready for their potential reactions. Doing this can also allow you to be better prepared to answer some of the likely questions that may come up.
  2. Come with the facts: Prior to meeting with your family, make sure that you have all the important information for them. This may include a breakdown of how far along in the pregnancy the mother is, any medical risks or issues that could impact the pregnancy, and any plans you've already established between yourself and your partner for after the baby is born.
  3. Practice what to say: Mapping out what you need to say beforehand will help the conversation move along smoother and can also give you space to consider how best to respond to the more difficult questions that might arise.
  4. Decide on a location and time: To keep everyone as comfortable as possible, it's best to select a private, neutral location with minimum distractions. Additionally, try to pick a time when those involved do not have other commitments and can be completely present.
  5. Decide if you want to involve your partner: Depending on the dynamic between your family and the mother of your child, you may choose to have her included in the conversation. If she is going to be present for it, make sure that both of you contribute to the preparations.

How to have the conversation:

  1. Be upfront and transparent: This may be an uncomfortable conversation for you and your family, but it is essential that they understand the situation at hand and how it makes you feel. This isn't the time for sugarcoating anything. Let them know about any anxiousness or fear that you are dealing with instead of burying those emotions.
  2. Be respectful: Even if your family members have varying reactions to the news, it's important to acknowledge and respect their feelings. It might be difficult for them to process things at first, so don't expect instant acceptance of the news.
  3. Invite questions: Invite your family to ask any questions about the pregnancy, your relationship with the mother, and potential plans. It's alright if you don't have answers to everything. Say that you need additional time or aid in seeking out answers to questions you aren't sure about.
  4. Listen to them: While you don't need to agree with every sentiment your family expresses, it is vital that their input is heard and acknowledged. Their ideas might even come from uniquely personal experiences that could assist you in making the best of things.
  5. Stay calm: Remember that everyone processes these things differently and some initial reactions may be harsh. If the conversation becomes especially heated, try your best to keep a cool head. If things seem to be getting out of hand, you could suggest taking a break until you all have had some time to digest the news.


If you're feeling apprehensive about the upcoming conversation or your situation in general, Ashe Pregnancy Care Center is available to provide support. Don't hesitate to reach out for help. Our team is ready with resources and assistance for you as you navigate through this new journey.

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